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Critter Sitters Express, Inc.
A typical pet sitting visit includes, but is not limited to...
Critter Sitters Express, Inc. Services

  • Accompanying dogs in your fenced yard for potty and playtime or taking dogs on a short, leashed walk and picking up their waste for proper disposal
  • Serving your pet fresh food and water and washing their bowls
  • Scooping or changing your cats litter box
  • Tidying up around the feeding and litter box areas, as well as cleaning up accidents (for frequent accident clean~up additional charges may apply)
  • Administering oral or topical medications and injections (There is usually no additional charge for this service)
  • Lots of TLC...brushing, playtime, back scratches or tummy rubs, whatever keeps your pet happy and content!
  • ​Fetching the newspaper, mail and packages
  • Rotating blinds, drapes and lights  
  • Taking the trash and recycling to the curb and bringing it back in
  • Emptying pool skimmer baskets
  • Watering house plants, filling bird feeders and birdbaths
  • House sitting only is also available (for those that have no pets) 
  • For extra peace of mind, we are happy to offer you a daily report regarding your pets and your home via email, text message or voice mail

  • Critter Sitters Express of Tallahassee provides care for dogs, cats, small caged animals (such as hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets) birds, reptiles, aquariums and fish ponds 

  • Our customized visits are tailored around your pets needs and last approximately 30 minutes. We provide pet sitting service to most areas of Tallahassee. 

  • Ask about our new client referral discounts program!

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Getting Started :
When a new client uses our pet sitting or dog walking service for the first time, we always schedule a preliminary 'get to know you' visit with you and your pets. When made in addition to booking our service, there is no charge for our preliminary visit.

Please be sure to include the dates you are requesting service, your approximate location, type and number of pets when requesting information, thanks!